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GreyHawk Armory is proud to be a Nighthawk Custom Firearms Preferred Dealer. Nighthawk Custom 1911s are true custom made pistols. Buyers can take a base model 1911 and add whatever extras they choose, such as, checkering, grips, sights, aluminum frame, bull barrel, and many more. Each gun is built from the ground up by one master gunsmith. The quality is noticeable from the moment you pick one up. Due to the fact that these are custom made guns and the popularity of them, it is currently taking Nighthawk between 18 and 24 months to build these pistols. We do have Nighthawk Firearms on order. However, considering the wait times and high demand of these guns, we do not expect to keep many in stock. Please keep a check on our inventory or contact us to see what we have in stock or on the way. Nighthawk also offers tactical shotguns and custom knives.

GreyHawk Armory is happy to work with you on your Nighthawk Custom Firearm purchase. We offer two easy ways to pay for your Nighthawk Custom Firearm if we do not have what you are looking for in store and you order your Nighthawk through us.

You can choose to pay with an easy payment plan allowing you to spread out the cost over the time of manufacture without a finance charge. It requires a nonrefundable 15% down payment of the price of you pistol and remaining balance broken up over your estimated wait time.


  • $3,000 total cost of your custom 1911
  • You pay nonrefundable 15% deposit up front = $450
  • You have a remaining balance of $2,550.
  • 18 month wait period = 18 payments of $141.67 monthly

The other option is to pay a nonrefundable 25% down payment of the price of your pistol and pay the remaining balance once your firearm arrives.

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